For people of all ages who face physical, cognitive, behavioral or learning challenges, we design and provide unique programs and services to help them thrive and succeed – whether in a school or community environment or part of the healthcare delivery system. We’re looking for exceptional people who want to make a difference in someone else’s life.

It’s our people that set us apart.

Occupational therapists. Physical therapists. Speech-language pathologists. Educators and paraprofessionals. And an array of experts in nursing, nutrition, social work, psychology and special education. Men and women who are committed, dedicated and experienced. People who are confident creating custom solutions with an unwavering focus on positive outcomes, and a passion for making it happen.

Shanna, a Futures professional working with a client.
Kristen, a Futures professional working with a client.
Karee, a Futures professional working with a client.

Making a difference means working together.

We have an uncommon community of support that fosters strong working relationships with our partners – school systems, social services agencies, skilled nursing facilities, and others. Deep, caring relationships with the people we serve. And a sense of family among our own staff.

With this deep and broad experience, Futures is built on a practitioner-researcher foundation, assuring that its professional staff are able to provide its partners, student and patients with content-validated practices that optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of services, including research-based interventions, best practices, and other state-of-the-art programs.


Founded and operated by clinicians and educators

The depth and breadth of our experience is unparalleled. We’ve harnessed the power of our knowledge to develop a proprietary methodology for assessing special education and healthcare systems to help our partners achieve optimal results. To be clear, we’re not consultants that just come in and point out the problems. We help define the challenges, the goals, and work closely together with our partners to develop strategies for effective, evidence-based solutions – all within the confines of existing fiscal resources.


At Futures, we believe the world will be a better place when people with special education and healthcare needs are seen through the right lens, and are offered the right tools, guidance, and services that improve their lives. The strengths of our Futures family and the bonds with our partners are what make success possible for those that we serve. After all, THEIR success defines OUR success.