Unmatched insight and expertise to leverage for lasting results

Founded and operated by clinicians and educators – leaders in their fields who continue to practice – the depth and breadth of Futures experience is unparalleled. Having conducted more than 300 analyses and having worked with more than 250 partners across the country, we harness the power of our teams’ body of knowledge and experience to deploy proven strategies for balancing programs, finances and the specific needs of individuals.

At the core of our consulting services is Futures’ proprietary methodology for clinical and educational assessments, including recommendations and strategies for evidence-based solutions. Our strategic assessments include a comprehensive analysis with relevant metrics and methodologies, as well as plans for program design, staffing, management and professional development that help administrators make informed clinical and fiscal decisions.
To be sure, we are not the kind of consultants that just come in and point out problems. We help define the challenges, specify goals, and work closely together with our partners to develop strategies for effective, outcome-driven solutions – all within the confines of existing fiscal resources.

Program implementation services we provide:

  • Curriculum Alignment
  • Executive Coaching and Mentoring
  • Support of Non-Traditional Instruction
  • Mental Health and Behavioral Services
  • Regulatory and Compliance Strategies
  • Student/Individual Outcomes and Metrics
  • Utilization of Paraprofessionals
  • Parent Engagement
  • Education Management
  • Professional Development
  • Financial Supports including Medicaid
  • Caseload Management Strategies
  • Staffing Management Support
  • Transition Services
  • Transportation


Charter School Special Education Programs
Continuous School Improvement
Professional Development


Paraprofessional Support